I will be using this page to define sources listed elsewhere on this website. I will be adding to it as time permits.

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  •      I hesitate to list them here only because I don't like to advertise for a commercial website.
         However, they have been a valuable source for much of my information.
         It should be noted that I pay them a yearly fee for their services and that much of the information they have can be found elsewhere, although perhaps not as easily.

  • Book - 100th Anniversary of Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church - New Hradec, Dunn County, North Dakota, USA

  •      While the above is how I have listed it on the family pages of this website, the actual title that is on the cover of the book is:

         The Church of Saints Peter and Paul
         New Hradec, North Dakota

         This wonderful book was created by the "Centennial Book Committee" which consisted of the following persons:
         Lorraine Bezdicek, Charles Faiman, Gladys Faiman, Sandra Ficek, Carmae Gessele, Donna Jablonsky, Frances Meduna, and Betty Pavlish.

         It contains a lot of valuable information for genealogists including many records from the church, school, and cemetery, and appears to be quite accurate.
         There are also many family stories contributed by family members and other church and town related information.

         This 363 page book has been an invaluable resource and I want to thank the compilers of this book for their hard work.
         It was published in a limited quantity and is no longer available.

  • Book - Centennial of St. Joseph's Catholic Church - Dickinson, Stark County, North Dakota, USA

  •      The actual title of this book as shown on the cover is:

         Souvenir of the
         Centennial Celebration
         St. Joseph's Parish
         Dickinson, North Dakota

         It doesn't list a date of publication, but I believe it may have been printed in 2006.
         While there were several acknowledgements near the end of the book, it only lists the compilers as
         "The St. Joseph's Parish Centennial History Book Committee 2005"

         The book contains a history of the church, a number of family stories, a directory of Parishioners,
         a brief history of St. Joseph's Cemetery, a section about St. Joseph's school, and a few other sections.
         It contains about 250 pages.

  • Book - Emma Schoch's "Information on the Binstock Family Tree"

  •     This is a hand written book from Emma (Binstock) Schoch.
        It is where she would keep track of family items like births, deaths, marriages, etc.

  • Book - "Our Schoch-Berger Heritage"

  •     This is a nearly 600 page book with information on many Schoch and Berger
        families and descendants mainly in North Dakota.

        It is a family history compiled by Diane J. (Decker) Wandler published in August of 2005.
        It it follows the descendants of Anton Schoch and his wife Isabella (Berger) Schoch.
        This book contains an index which is very helpful in finding people listed in it.

  • Book - "Seven Roller Generations"

  •     As the title suggests, this book contains information on several Roller
        families and their descendants mainly in North Dakota.

        It is a family history compiled by Theodore F. Roller and published in 1985.
        It it follows descendants of Wenzel Roller Sr. and his wife Frances (Maixner) Roller.

  • Cemetery Records

  •      For an example of an excellent cemetery website see
    Roselawn Cemetery in a suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota.
         They have a website that not only has grave listings for their cemetery, but it also has an interactive map of the cemetery.
         The above link takes you to a page on this website from which you can access Roselawn's site.

         Many of the cemetery records I have used on this website are from the Sts. Peter & Paul book listed above,
         but I have records from other cemeteries too, and I have taken many grave photos at various cemeteries.

         The Find A Grave website is a good place to look for burials.

         The Dickinson, North Dakota, city website has a listing of burials in all of the cemeteries in that city.

         For some other examples of burial listings see the Favorite Links area of this website under "Genealogy" and the Cemeteries Page on this website.

  • Family Trees

  •      You will find many references to "Family Trees" or "Tree by ....".
         These are published trees either from the internet or books or in a few cases typed or hand written records from an individual.
         While very helpful, these are only as good as the compiler made them.
         That is, it is not always known where they got their information or the accuracy of that information.
         Of course they are always subject to typos too. These things also apply to this website.

  • Individual People

  •      As with most family trees, this one contains information gathered from recollections of individuals.
         You will find their names listed in the source for many records.
         Sometimes this information was actual remembrances by the person, and other times it was information gathered by that person.
         This information, while often invaluable and sometimes not available from anywhere else, is of course subject to
         the inaccuracies of memory or unknown sources for their information.

  • Minnesota Birth Records

  •      The Minnesota Historical Society is good source for some of these records.
         They have the birth certificates of some people born in Minnesota and have an index to these records on their website.

         Unfortunately, in Minnesota as in other states, not all births were officially recorded in the early years.

         I have also obtained some of the Minnesota birth information from and several other sources.

  • Minnesota Death Records

  •      The Minnesota Historical Society is an excellent source for these records.
         They have the actual death certificates of most people that have died in Minnesota and have an index to these records on their website.
         You can also order copies of the death certificates from their website.

         I have also obtained some of the Minnesota death information from and other sources.

  • North Dakota Death Records

  •      The North Dakota Public Death Records website is a good source for these records.
         They have the actual death certificates of most people that have died in North Dakota and have an index to these records on their website.
         You can also order copies of the death certificates from their website.

         I have also obtained some of the North Dakota death information from and other sources.

  • Obituaries

  •      Obituaries can be a gold mine for genealogists. They are usually pretty accurate, and often contain a great deal of family information.

         The obituary sources on this website were found in a variety of places.
         Some were found in newspapers, some were from funeral booklets, and some were from funeral home websites.
         For a listing of a few funeral homes with websites see the Favorite Links area of this website under "Genealogy".
         My hope is that in the future more funeral homes will create websites like some of the examples listed.

  • Photos

  •      The vast majority of the photos on this website were taken by me (Howard G. McGlothlin).
         Any photos contributed by someone else are listed as such.
         I have also contributed many of my grave photos to the Find A Grave website.

  • Social Security Death Index

  •      This index is available through a variety of places on the internet.
         It is a record published by the Social Security Administration of persons who were covered by Social Security and have died.
         This record is usually pretty accurate, although I have found a few cases where I question the information.

  • US Census Records

  •      The US Census information I have used was obtained from the original census images.
         I obtained some of the images from the Minnesota History Center in St. Paul, Minnesota.
         However, the majority of these images were from the website.
         They are also available from many other places including several internet sites.

         It should be noted that there is a great deal of variance in the quality of the images, and also in the handwriting and spelling of the census takers.
         The information contained in these records was not always obtained from the individuals involved and even when it was, it was subject to errors.
         This information, while very helpful and usually fairly accurate, is not always either of these things.
         For these reasons this information cannot be totally relied upon without confirmation through other sources.

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