Family: 2907

NOTE: Early Norwegian naming conventions can be confusing. In addition, names were often changed when they arrived in the USA. Here is a site that gives an explanation of Norwegian naming conventions.

Per Olsen (L. Jordalen) (ID=8231)
is the son of
Ole Eriksen (L. Jordalen) (ID=8233) and
Gjertrud Bjornsdatter (ID=8234)

Marte Jonsdatter (ID=8232).

Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:


1. Syver Person (Jordalen) (ID=8226), b. 1722 See Syver Person & Marte Halvorsdatter

Notes for Per Olsen (L. Jordalen):
  • Name: Per Olsen (L. Jordalen)
  • Born: 1688 - Norway
  • Died: 1749 - Norway
  • Family #: 2907, 2910

  • Sources for Per Olsen (L. Jordalen):
    1. Ralph Eugene "Doug" Fairbanks

    Notes for Marte Jonsdatter:
  • Name: Marte Jonsdatter
  • Born: 1692 - Norway
  • Died: 1763 - Norway
  • Family #: 2907

  • Sources for Marte Jonsdatter:
    1. Ralph Eugene "Doug" Fairbanks

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