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Photos are considered seperate from the data on this site and always require permission for use. Most photos on this site are my property, but some are not. For those that are not mine, I will refer you to their originator for permission. For the most part, I will grant permission for personal use of my photos when asked.
Further, if you do use anything from this site, you should state your source as this website or Howard G. McGlothlin. Everyone should state their sources as a matter of common practice anyway.
The genealogy information on this site was compiled by me from many different sources. Some sources are very good, others not so good. As a result, I can't guarantee the accuracy of any data you find here. You should always check out the information yourself from the sources provided.
I have removed the details for persons that are still living from the family tree data. However, If anyone should find information here that they find offensive or do not want listed on this site, send me an e-mail informing me of the data in question.
Having said all that, don't hesitate to ask permission or inform me of any problems. I enjoy genealogy and am willing to help others if I can. I also very much appreciate the help I have received from so many other people.


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