Family: 476

Dr. Dana R. Day (ID=664)
is the son of
William Day (ID=1326) and
Cordilia (?BirthLastName) (ID=1327)

Louise Mary Wandler (ID=662)
is the daughter of
Jerome Dominic Wandler (ID=657) and
Mathilda Schoch (ID=292)

    1st Cousin of
    Bernice M. (Schoch) McGlothlin (ID=176)

Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:

Note: Divorced

Other Marriages for Louise Mary Wandler:
See John Grove & Louise Mary Wandler


Notes for Dr. Dana R. Day:
  • Name: Dr. Dana R. Day

  • Born:
  • Died:

  • Family #: 476, 478

Sources for Dr. Dana R. Day:
  1. Schoch Reunion Form

Notes for Louise Mary Wandler:
  • Name: Louise Mary Wandler
  • Name: Mrs. Louise Mary Day
  • Name: Mrs. Louise Mary Grove

  • Born:
  • Died:

  • Family #: 241, 476, 3060

Sources for Louise Mary Wandler:
  1. Schoch Reunion Form

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