Family: 387

Gabriel Kinzel (ID=978)
is the son of
Anton Kinzel (ID=4026) and
Christine Roller (ID=4027)

Bertha Binstock (ID=508)
is the daughter of
Peter Binstock (ID=313) and
Mary Eva Sticka (ID=507)

    1st Cousin and 2nd Cousin of
    Bernice M. (Schoch) McGlothlin (ID=176)

Marriage Date:
      October 10, 1951
Marriage Place:
      St. Pius Catholic Church
      Stark County
      North Dakota, USA


1. Eugene Kinzel (ID=979) See Eugene Kinzel & Kathy Kubischta
2. Sandra Kinzel (ID=980) See Dennis Frenzel & Sandra Kinzel
3. Susan Kinzel (ID=982) See Hugh Gustafson & Susan Kinzel
4. Robert Kinzel (ID=983) See Robert Kinzel & Jacqueline Kage Wanner
5. Randy Kinzel (ID=984) See Randy Kinzel & Shonah Roshaw
6. Kevin Kinzel (ID=985) See Kevin Kinzel & Deb Ehresmann

Notes for Gabriel Kinzel:
  • Name: Gabriel Kinzel
  • Name: Gabe Kinzel

  • Born: April 27, 1931 - Dickinson, Stark County, North Dakota, USA
  • Died: October 01, 1997 - New Hradec, Dunn County, North Dakota, USA

  • Age at Death: 66 years old
  • Burial: Sts. Peter & Paul Cemetery, New Hradec, Dunn County, North Dakota, USA
  • Occupation: Farmer
  • Interests: Music, playing in band (Jolly Czechs)
  • Education: New Hradec, Dunn County, North Dakota, USA
  • Event-Misc: Served on Dunn County, ND, Welfare Board
  • Event-Misc: New Castle, ND, School Board
  • Event-Misc: President - German Hungarian Club
  • Event-Misc: Dunn County Election Committee
  • Family #: 387, 579

Sources for Gabriel Kinzel:
  1. Grave of Gabriel Kinzel (front of stone) - Photo by Howard G. McGlothlin
  2. Grave of Gabriel Kinzel (back side of stone) - Photo by Howard G. McGlothlin
  3. Tree by Linda Marx - URL:
  4. Funeral card of Gabriel Kinzel
  5. Obituary of Henry Binstock - (newspaper)
  6. Social Security Death Index

Notes for Bertha Binstock:
  • Name: Bertha Binstock
  • Name: Mrs. Bertha Kinzel

  • Born:
  • Died:

  • Family #: 259, 387

Sources for Bertha Binstock:
  1. Tree by Linda Marx - URL:
  2. Newspaper obituary of Charles Binstock

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