St. Pius Cemetery
Schefield, Stark County, ND

Cemetery Entrance Gate

Note: This page is NOT connected in any way with the people that run this cemetery.

St. Pius Cemetery is located in the tiny "town" of Schefield, Stark County, North Dakota, USA. For directions see the map link below. There are only a couple of buildings remaining in Schefield, so no one should have any trouble finding the cemetery. (Note: Many maps no longer show Schefield)

The town once had a church (St. Pius Catholic Church) and a school, but both are now gone. There is a memorial in the cemetery dedicated to both.

Many of the early settlers of this area were "Germans from Russia". There is a link below for the Germans from Russia Heritage Society website.

As you may be able to see from the photos, this cemetery is in a very open farming area. While I'm sure there are a variety of crops, wheat and cattle seem to be very popular here.

I took photos of all the grave markers in this cemetery in July of 2002 (nearly 400 photos from this cemetery). These photos will be available from this page as I get time to post them. In the mean time, you can see individual graves in the "Names Index". Anyone who may be interested in larger (and more readable) versions of any photos can e-mail me.


Looking NW from gate

Looking North from gate

Looking NE from gate

Looking East from gate
(St. Pius Verin Clubhouse in background)

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