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There are 23,351 names in this index so far.

Not all people listed here are members of my "Tree". Since I have taken many grave photos at various cemeteries, a few are only listed because I have a photo of their grave. They are posted here so that anyone interested in those people may make use of the information. If there is no "ID Number" listed, it means I have found no connection to my extended family.

I mostly omit details of living persons unless an individual wanted their information published. If anyone sees information here that you do not want listed, or find errors, omissions, updates, etc., feel free to send me an e-mail and I will consider your request.

DISCLAIMER: While I make an attempt to publish accurate information, I cannot guarantee the accuracy of all the information presented here.

You will notice some people will have a notation in this color (pink) on their family page.
This indicates a blood relationship to my wife or myself and will state how related.

NOTE: You may find some broken links here while I continue to add names to this list. If you see a "Not Found" or "Under Construction" message, it probably means I haven't yet uploaded that page. However, feel free to let me know about an occurrence like this. If it is a problem I can fix it. But even if it is just that I haven't uploaded it yet, letting me know you are interested will usually cause me to finish that branch of the Tree.

NOTE: Some people have questioned why it says "Names in this index" instead of "people". The number of names is NOT the same as the number of people. If I don't know someone's first name they are not in the index but will be listed on a family page. Also, I list married names as well as maiden names (if known) for women. That means they will have more than one name listed in the index. The possibility also exists that some people may be listed more than once if I have found the same or similar name but have not been able to confirm they are actually the same person.

NOTE: ID Numbers (ID=) are numbers I have assigned to each individual to distinguish each person. There are many people that have the same names, but since each person has a different ID Number you can more easily tell one from another.

Note about grave markers: While the dates on grave markers are usually correct, I have found that some are not. This is particularly true of the birth dates. Because these markers are most often made shortly after the death of the person the death date is normally (but not always) correct. Occasionally the marker is not created until a later date and both dates can sometimes be incorrect. However, the birth date always has to be given by someone that may or may not know the actual date of birth and is therefore not as reliable.

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