Jerome and Emma Schoch

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Jerome and Emma Schoch - Wedding
Parents: Emma and Jerome Schoch
Pauline's husband, Bernard Candrian
1. Pauline (husband Bernard)
Alice's husband, Lawrence Candrian
2. Alice (husband Lawrence)
Ron's wife, Dolores (Candrian) Schoch
3. Ron (wife Dolores)
Sister Ann Schoch
4. Sister Ann
 Sister Ivo Schoch
5. Sister Ivo
Ivo's wife, Joan (Schaff) Schoch
6. Ivo (wife Joan)
Roni's husband, Tony Weber
7. Roni (husband Tony)
Rita's husband, Rod Anheluk
8. Rita (husband Rod)
Leona's husband, Boni Knopik
9. Leona (husband Boni)
Clara's husband, Richard Greff
10. Clara (husband Rich)
Beasy's husband, Howie McGlothlin
11. Beasy (husband Howie)
Al Schoch
12. Al
Melvin's wife, Silvia (Metz) Schoch
13. Melvin (wife Silvia)
Callen's wife, Janel (Kuntz) Schoch
14. Callen (wife Janel)

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