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Foreign & Foreign Related Websites

 Australia - Australian Government
 Australia - National Library of Australia
 Australia - Office of the Prime Minister of Australia

 Austria - Austrian Federal Chancellery

 Canada - Canadian Government
 Canada - Northwest Territories
 Canada - Province of Alberta
 Canada - Province of British Columbia
 Canada - Province of Manitoba
 Canada - Province of Nova Scotia
 Canada - Province of Ontario
 Canada - Province of Quebec
 Canada - Province of Saskatchewan
 Canada - Yukon Territory

 France - French Prime Minister Portal

 Great Britain - British Monarchy - Official Website
 Great Britain - British Parliament
 Great Britain -
British Prime Minister
 Great Britain - London City Government
 Great Britain - Maps - Official Mapping Agency of GB

 Greece - Parliament

 Germany - German Embassy, Washington, D.C.

 Iceland - Government of Iceland

 Israel - Government Portal

 Italy - Italian Chamber of Deputies
 Italy - Italian Government Tourist Board
 Italy - Italian President's Office
 Italy - Italian Senate

 Japan - Japanese Government Links

 Mexico - Mexican Embassy in Washington, D.C.
 Mexico - Mexico Tourism Board

 Norway - Norwegian-American Historical Assoc.
 Norway - Norwegian Digital Archives
 Norway - Norwegian Embassy (USA)
 Norway - Norwegian Government
 Norway - Norwegian Heritage - passenger lists, ships, and more
 Norway - Norwegian History - brief history of Norway
 Norway - Norwegian Naming Conventions
 Norway - Sons of Norway - Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

 Poland - Office of the President
 Poland - The Senate of Poland

 Russian Federation - Government Links

 South Africa - Government Portal

 Spain - Government

 Switzerland - Swiss Government

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